Dog sledding Arctic expedition!

from 715 euros

Dates upon request

About tour
"Arctic" is a truly mesmerizing word. We offer the very special format of adventure and a real way-out of the comfort zone in snowy and icy deserts.

For a few days you will become part of a united professional team conquered the Arctic year after year on the most difficult routes. We will navigate the route, gain an incredible set of vital skills, expand our perception of the world and work out interconnections guided by the famous polar explorer and the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Arctic expeditions leader. And the special pleasure is the opportunity to hunt the Northern lights.

The expedition passes through the harsh regions of the Far North of Russia - the territories of permafrost. We will go dog sledding through the snowy deserts of the Verkhnetulomsky reservoir, chasing the northern lights and perhaps will be lucky enough to meet the deer living in these places.

Arctic tents for 2-3 pax and professional arctic sleeping bags designed for temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius
Tour start time and city
Murmansk /~09:00
Tour end time and city
Murmansk /~17:00
Tour end time is approximate!
Duration of the tour
3 days
Expedition information
General highlights
Dates and duration of the expedition: 3 days / 2 nights
Location: Kola Peninsula, Murmansk Region, water area of the Verkhnetulomskoye reservoir
Expedition route: Murmansk - Verkhnetulomsky - Verkhnetulomskoye reservoir - Murmansk
Route length: approximately 150 km by dog sledding
Way of moving:
- dog sledding with snowmobile escort
- transfer to/from the start/finish at the village Verkhnetulomsky

Expedition in numbers
  • 150 km length of dogsled transition
  • Up to - 30 degrees Celsius temperature
  • 6-8 sled dogs in one expedition team
  • The adrenaline level and difficulty rate is 3 out of 5
Escort team:
  1. Guide and sled dog instructor
  2. Snowmobile guide-instructor
Transportation and logistics
  • The participants of the expedition get to Murmansk (the point of the expedition beginning) on their own
  • The total length of the dog sledding route is about 150 km.
  • The participants get by comfortable buses from Murmansk to the start / from the finish at village Verkhnetulomsky (about 60 minutes one way)
  • Transitions along the route are carried out by dog sledding. One team consists of 6-8 dogs. 1-2 people are riding in a team: one as a musher, one in a sleigh, changing each other while moving along the route. The members of the expedition pepare harness and drive on thier own.
  • Members of the expedition undergo a training course on sledding driving at the start.
  • Expedition members take in a sledge a small backpack with photo and video equipment, a thermos and a snack for the day and the personal equipment only.
  • It is planned to use the daylight hours in full and transits through 20 to 50 km a day, depending on weather and ice conditions.
  • The expedition is escorted by snowmobiles (2 units), which carry general equipment for organizing bivouacs and camps along the route.
Price and accommodation
From 715 euros per adult

Arctic tents for 2-3 pax and professional arctic sleeping bags designed for temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius are planned for accommodation on all stages of the expedition.

Price includes
  • Transport service on the route
  • Dog sled services
  • Group insurance
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment, technique and public available gear for explotation
  • Work of the escort team 24/7
  • Medications
  • Communication and navigation
  • All fees for the permits registration for the transition of the group along the expedition route (border permits, Ministry of Emergencies, etc.)
  • Information support of the group
  • Ensuring safety and rescue operations in case of emergency
Sanitary and epidemiological situation
  • All travelers are required to have a compulsory medical insurance policy;
  • On the territory of the Murmansk region, a mandatory mask regime has been introduced. Use personal protective equipment - masks and gloves;
  • When planning a trip, we recommend using information about the situation from the official website of Rostourism;
  • We recommend tourists from the "risk group" to book tours for a later period
Additional information
2 full-time hot meals are provided in the morning and in the evening + snacks on the way (meat products, tea, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate) on the route of the expedition.
We will use the food system of Arctic expeditions to the North Pole.
Special arctic drinks (herbal blends, teas, coffee, tinctures) with a high content of vitamins and useful extracts in convenient packaging for arctic expeditions are provided.

Basic: equipment for a dog sled, sledges, tents, sleeping bags, foam, cooking utensils and stoves for each tent are provided for using to the participants during the expedition.
The expedition members are provided with a list of the necessary private equipment and outfit with the recommendations of the organizers. The individual equipment can be arranged by own or purchase an expedition package, including the provision of the necessary personal equipment and outfits.
If the participant already has a part of the individual equipment, it is necessary to approve its using during the expedition with the guide for the safety of the route and to save the health of the participant.

The expedition group is equipped with several satellite communication devices on the route, which are kept by the escort guides.
The expedition leader contacts the headquarter daily to obtain the weather and ice conditions updates.
Expedition journal is kept.

A program of assistance to the expedition in case of emergency has been developed.
Insurance of the expedition group in case of emergency is carried out.
Each member of the group is equipped with signal and noise devices for a deterrent effect for the predators (in case of necessary - which is a safety measures for the rare cases).
Expedition members are instructed for ensuring the safe transitions of the group.
A basic medical kit is provided for the expedition group.
Individual medications and medical insurance are arranged by the individual participants own.

The members of the expedition drive by their own on dog sleds.
The members of the expedition take an active part in organizing the camp, assemble/disassemble equipments along the route.
Alcohol drinks are consumed in limited quantity and after the organization of the camp only. Alcohol in large quantities is strictly prohibited! The organizers have the right to remove the participant from the route for drinking alcohol while moving along the route - it is a safety rule.
Expedition organizers can adjust the route at their discretion, depending on weather and/or ice conditions and for safety reasons.
The participants are obliged to follow the recommendations of the organizers and guides during the expedition.
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